The Prince who will defeat the Whitewalkers . . .

The one thing that has undoubtedly taken the globe by storm is the world of Game of Thrones. Apart from the time when we close our media players when someone walks in on us while we’re watching the series (ahem!), we’ve all binge watched this one for hours! If you’ve not yet seen this work of art, make sure you do!

This post is not so much about my opinion on the series as it is about a theory I feel very strongly about; a theory that will change the way you look at everything. It’s a little long but definitely worth the time, so bear with me. Without further ado, here it goes . . .

By now, we’re all in general consensus that Jon Snow is not Ned Stark’s bastard illegitimate son, but is the son of his deceased sister Lyanna with the crown prince Rhaegar Targaryen. There is enough evidence to support this theory. Jon Snow, conceived by someone from the cold north with someone who had dragon blood, IS, arguably, the ‘Song Of Ice And Fire’. But does that mean he is the one who’ll save the Realm from Whitewalkers? Is he the Prince that was Promised? Wait, I lost you here right?


In the GOT , we’ve seen all the red priests and priestesses burning people and miraculously coming back to life and giving birth to shadow babies (that was disgusting) – this indicates that their God, R’hllor, is legit (unlike the Faith of the seven, that has seriously not done anything even close to miraculous). Now, R’hllor is the Lord of Light and the Heart of Fire and guess who his sworn enemy is – the Great Other, the God that controls the Whitewalkers (known as the Others in the books). These two are supposed to have equal and opposite powers and their lore goes back as far as 8000 years before the events of the series, during the time of ‘the Long Night’.

The Long Night was dark (and full of terrors), everyone was starving and Westeros had been attacked by Whitewalkers. During this time, R’hllor chose his hero, Azor Ahai, to rise up against the walkers. But to defeat them, he needed an unconventional weapon, because as we’ve seen on the show, using traditional weapons against them just shatters those weapons. So what did he do? In order to create a special sword, he worked at sword metal for 30 days, but when he dipped it in water to temper it, the metal shattered. In his second attempt, he worked at it for 50 days and then captured a lion and pierced his heart to temper the sword in his blood but it shattered again. The third time, he worked at it for 100 long days and this time, he pierced his own wife’s heart to temper it in her blood. It worked (thank God). Now, the metal combined with his wife’s blood became the sword Lightbringer, the blade that would make anything that comes in contact with it burst into flames. Azor Ahai used this sword to put an end to the Whitewalkers and the long night with it. But there was a prophecy made at this point of time.

Azor Ahai, with his sword, the Lightbringer
Azor Ahai, with his sword, the Lightbringer

According to this prophecy, after an especially long summer, the Long Night would come again, and with it – the walkers. A hero, the Prince that was Promised, will once again rise up to defeat them and he will be identified by some particular characteristics. He would have the blood of the dragon. He would be ‘born amidst smoke and salt as a bleeding star shines in the sky’. Shortly after his birth, dragons would follow. So now, who is this Prince?

In the earlier episodes, Lady Melisandre believes that this Prince is Stannis and with that in mind, also makes him do some pretty dreadful stuff. But his fitting into the characteristics is vague and now that his army stands defeated at the hands of Bolton’s, the idea seems farfetched.

Daenerys, reborn
Daenerys, reborn

The more probable candidate, who has tick marks in all the check boxes is Daenerys Targaryen. Her arc follows a pretty archetypal hero journey where she starts from nothing, finds a cause and then gradually grows to becomes a great leader. She obviously has the blood of the dragon. Though we don’t know a lot about her birth, in the series, she was reborn when she steps into her former husband’s funeral pyre and the next day, is sitting there amidst the smoke and ashes, unburnt, with dragons on her back, naked as the day she was born. Also, during this ritual, a red messenger, a comet, appeared over Essos and Westeros – the bleeding star. The ‘salt’ part is a little polemic but then one of her first tasks as a leader was to make the Dothraki cross the Narrow Sea – she was born in the salt. The only thing she doesn’t have going for her is that the people were promised a ‘Prince’; but maybe George Martin is a progressive dude and gender stereotypes don’t apply. But wait, there’s another near perfect candidate.

The Comet, as seen above Essos and Westeros
The Comet, as seen above Essos and Westeros

Jon Snow. Jon, if he is indeed Rhaegar’s son, has the blood of the dragon. He was born after one of the greatest wars, Robert’s Rebellion, so that sort of takes care of smoke and salt. Also, birth could refer to his decision of not returning back to his home, when Winterfell was burning (smoke and salt), and committing himself to the Wall. This was the same time when the comet was seen and when Daenerys, on the other side of the Sea, gave birth to dragons. Apart from that, he is a guy and has a sword that can defeat the walkers.

So that’s it? Don’t we have our ideal candidates already? Why do you still (unfortunately) have text to read and scrolling to do? Well, because of the author – our buddy, George. He believes that typical fantasy tropes that have been created by other authors like J.R.R. Tolkien have “hurt fantasy fiction more than they’ve helped”. As a result, he explicitly goes out of his way to avoid them in ASOIAF. Also, this is what he once said about prophecies – “Prophecies are a double-edged sword. You have to handle them carefully. They can add depth and interest to a book. But you don’t want to be too literal or too easy.” That’s the problem with Jon and Dany – they’re too easy. So, knowing how much George enjoys sadistic plot twists, I present my Prince that was Promised – Sir Jorah Mormont. Yupp, this banished, scaly-skinned, friend-zoned deserter is going to save the world.

Sir Jorah Mormont

Since we’ve recognized that ‘birth’ doesn’t necessarily mean the day you popped out of your mother’s womb and can imply your transformation, Daenerys’s ‘funeral pyre’ moment can also be applied to Jorah. That’s the moment he committed himself to her and abandoned the prospect of returning to Westeros. In Season 5, he also tells our dear Tyrion that that was the moment when he became a changed man – the beginning of a new life. A rebirth in the smoke of a pyre. Committing to a new destiny, and that under the same red messenger. And ofcourse dragons followed after that. What about salt? He contracts Greyscale, a fatal disease that leaves the skin dead – a new chapter in his life that takes place on salty sea water. I just have you convinced, right? All there’s left is the ‘blood of the dragon’ part. Don’t worry – I’m not going to try and prove now that Jorah is a Targaryen.

Notice how the theory says the Prince will ‘have the blood’ and not ‘is of the blood’ of the dragon. Couldn’t it mean that Jorah’s sword  possesses the blood of a dragon say by . . .killing a dragon? We have seen the dragons snap at Daenerys and we know Jorah would do anything to protect her. Now, consider this:

Azor captured a lion in his second attempt and pierced his sword through his heart. What did Jorah do earlier – captured Tyrion of House Lannister, a lion. In his third attempt, Azor had to pierce his wife’s heart. Who else in the series loves someone as sincerely and deeply as Jorah loves Daenerys? If George Martin really wants to give us the shock of our lives, Jorah will be the Prince of the Prophecy, forced to pierce through his beloved’s heart, to retrieve the blood of the dragon.

But then again . . . . this is only a THEORY!

(P.S. – This post was written purely out of my love for Game Of Thrones and is not like my other posts. This is not the Great Indian Life – but is something very close to us. Also – credit to the Film Theorists who made me believe 🙂 )



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